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Media & Public Relations


Media and public relations are no longer simply the mechanics of placing an op-ed or sending a press release to every news outlet.  They're about strategy and influence.  Messages must be strategically crafted to address your objectives, form a narrative that builds trust over time, and influence your desired audience.  They must also be placed appropriately to reach that audience.

Crisis Management


There is nothing more important than your reputation and the trust you’ve built.  However, in today’s hyper competitive, electronic media, what took years to build can be destroyed in minutes by a news story, blog post or even a Tweet.  Re- establishing your name is an even greater challenge.  The tone and substance of your response and how you control your narrative will determine survival.

Public Affairs & Advocacy


How government moves, when, and in which direction is influenced by myriad dynamics.  Global events or a local grass roots movement can shift debate on a dime.  Whether it’s your city council, state legislature or Congress, to have a voice you must connect with the most relevant officeholders and convey a message that influences them and the constituencies to which they answer.

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